So how does all of this work?

The VirTra system is a top of the line firearms simulator that has a range mode and scenario mode.  It uses real weapons that have special barrel with a laser and a magazine that uses CO2 so there's simulated recoil.  We enter real world ballistic information so the bullet on the screen behaves as if it was shot from a real gun.  We can also enter in different atmospheric settings and windage so you can see how the round behaves in different areas of the globe and in different seasons.

How do you determine the pricing for your services?

When you go to a live firearms range there are multiple cost and time factors that are involved, like range fees, ammo costs, equipment costs (i.e. - eye protection, hearing protection, targets, etc.), not to mention all of the time you spend reloading magazines.  With our simulator you don't have to worry about any of those things, you can select from over 200 targets that can be instantly placed wherever you want them on the range or a scenario can be selected almost instantly; plus you get unlimited rounds.

What do I need to bring with me when I schedule a time slot?

Since we provide all of the equipment you only need to bring yourself, a sturdy belt, and a willingness to learn and have a good time.  We ask that you try to arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can get you checked in before your session starts.  You'll want to wear hiking shoes (not boots) or comfortable athletic shoes as you'll me moving around a lot and will want good balance.  Also, even though this is not a live fire range, we try to adhere to safe weapons handling procedures as much as possible.