Schedule Range Time

Use our online scheduling tool to view the available times that are open and schedule your visit to use our range and run a scenario or two.  Since the range is virtual you're not required to bring a weapon or ammo; both are included in the price of your visit.


If you're serious about improving your skills, sign up for a monthly membership and receive a certain amount of range time and scenarios based on which tier you purchase.  Since the range is virtual you're not required to bring a weapon or ammo; both are included in the price of your visit.

Onsite Visit / Custom Training

Do you want to train at your location or create your own course of fire or range training?  Call today and let us help you create a training regimen to fit your specific needs, or bring our system to your facility.


Virtra V100 Range

Immersive Training Solutions uses the VirTra 100 Training Simulator for both our range and scenario training.  Our range is accurate to within .08mm at 1000m. Utilizing multiple factors including bullet weight, barrel length, twist rate, and sight height over bore, our system delivers realistic bullet performance within a selected environment. External factors such as wind speed and direction, distance to target, altitude and precipitation affect bullet trajectory adding to ballistic realism. With numerous environments to choose from and over 200 different targets we can create endless range configurations and courses of fire.

To see the range in action, click on the link below.


All training simulations are NOT created equal. Our training scenario content averages between 35-85 different “branching” pathways to resolution resulting in hundreds of possible outcomes for each training session.
Utilization of the optional ThreatFire system provides participants with physiologically accurate Body Alarm Response stimulus providing feedback to how they will respond physically and mentally to a dynamic stress situation.

While this base level instinctual response cannot be eliminated we can train you to work through it and function effectively within it.

To see what a scenario looks like, watch the video below.


Motion Capture System

Immersive Training solutions utilizes Motion View sports analysis software to capture a shooters unique draw and weapon presentation characteristics.  By capturing high speed video with 3 axis filming, inefficiencies and inconsistency can be identified using verbal coaching and student self actualization.  By “seeing” for yourself your own draw stroke, path to sight picture and body position, a shooter can self analyze and correct identified issues much faster than by just being told what they need to improve.  ITS will also save your baseline and conduct periodic comparisons to analyze improvement and progression.  Coupled with our excellent training staff this tool will “Accelerate Your Performance” and make you a much better shooter in a shorter period of time.

To watch a video on the MotionView system, click on the link below.