Training Philosophy

Our training focuses on the application of handgun fundamentals based in the science of adaptive shooting techniques. We concentrate on the mental and physical aspects of shooting by emphasizing an advanced understanding of biomechanical efficiency, human physiology and effective weapon manipulation. Students will learn to perform in precision and stress sight picture, develop refined trigger control, smooth draw and presentation and accurate target acquisition. Emphasis is placed on body mechanics including balance, adaptive shooting positions and reactive movements. Training will also include immersive reality based scenarios incorporating Body Alarm Response and processes to acclimate and raise performance in that environment.


About Us

Immersive Training Solutions is a group of public safety personnel and military veterans utilizing Virtra simulator technology to enhance your shooting skills to increase your survivability in deadly force encounters.  See our Services tab for more information on the VirTra V-100 system.


Craig Smith

As the Director of Training it is Craig’s responsibility to develop and deliver curriculum designed to enhance a shooters fundamental skill set.  An avid shooter from an early age he has consistently worked to improve his skills by training and attending classes hosted by Magpul Dynamics, Combative Weapon Solutions, and Haley Strategic Partners to name a few. Craig has also attended the Force Science Institute basic course of study. Craig has worked in public safety for the last 27 years and currently works full time as a Special Operations EMS supervisor. An experienced adult educator, Craig has spent many years training responders and professionals in a number of disciplines. Craig is a pistol instructor through the National Rifle Association.


Chase Harris

As a Primary Instructor, Chase delivers content and curriculum within established courses of fire and scenarios within the V-100 simulator. Chase has been an avid shooter most of his life and is constantly seeking training opportunities to enhance his skill set. Chase is currently a full time pre- hospital medical provider and has been working in public safety for the past 9 years. He is the fastest and most accurate shooter we have on our staff and consistently raises our skill level by pushing everyone to be better.


Greg Fuqua

As the Technical Director Greg has the opportunity to merge two of his favorite pastimes, computers and firearms, into one activity.  He served six years in the military in both the active and reserve components, where he was trained as a Cavalry Scout and an M1A1 tank gunner.  After the military he went into the information technology field where he’s worked in large scale data center operations for the last 20 years.  Greg continuously works to improve his knowledge and skills in the firearms arena, and is a National Rifle Association instructor and recruiter.